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We use low temperature method to keep gut friendly digestive enzymes and immune boasting probiotics alive. Koji digests carbohydrate to give you the sweet taste without added sugars and drying process adds the unique crisp crunch and beautiful flavor.

Being a food cultured,  it allows you to enjoy the benefits from live probiotics and enzymes without additives or heating. As the enzymes are still alive, it starts turning sour after a while just like yogurt. Although you can still enjoy the unique flavor and all the nutritious benefits we recommend keeping it in the fridge and consuming it within 3 weeks. It lasts for months if frozen.   

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Our aminoglo was born in our kitchen. Ancient cultured whole grains with natural probiotics and enzymes are dded sugar and sweeteners free yet delicately sweet. 


What's koji


Koji is steamed rice inoculated with beneficial mold (aspergillus oryzae), which generates various digestive enzymes while adding unique and delicious flavor.




Our aminoglo is delicious simply as is, with some fresh fruit, dried fruit and/or nuts. The chewy cultured grains make a perfect power breakfast and healthy snack.

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